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From Mass Communication to One-to-One Communication

Message from CEO

Our company is responsible for distributing digital content as well as content planning and strategy for the TV TOKYO Group.

The company name expresses the creation of new kinds of communication in coordination with TV. Our principal keyword is “communication”.

We build upon our know-how from the TV industry to create content and services which appeal to both the online generation and a more general audience. Our goal is to facilitate communication between our partner businesses and the target audience of TV viewers and internet users.

From Mass Communication to Direct One to One Communication

June 23, 2017
Yuuichi Oshida, President   CEO


TV TOKYO Communications Corporation (TXCOM)
TXCOM, member of the TV TOKYO Group, a major Japanese broadcaster, distributes content worldwide and runs one of the largest membership services in Japan.

Company Name
TV TOKYO Communications Corporation
Sumitomo Shin-Toranomon Building 4F, 4-3-9 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
1st March, 2001 (company name changed 20th June, 2013)
70 million yen
Business Operations
Development and producing of digital content related with TV programs and major characters. Cross-media advertising, digital content distribution, e-commerce, and other operations.
Board of Directors

President & CEO:Yuuichi Oshida

Executive Officer:Go Watanabe

Executive Officer:Shinjiro Ninagawa

Director:Kiyoshi Tokuda

Director:Nobuyuki Sasaki

Director:Ippei Fukuda

Director:Hitoshi Saito

Auditor:Eiji Iwata

TV TOKYO Holdings Corporation
(100% ownership)
Public announcements
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Produce TV programs


    TORANOMON-ICHIBA presents the splendor of Japanese cuisine. Gourmet products presented on this program are sources from the four corners of Japan and delivered to your door. We present a little luxury for family mealtimes from Toranomon in Minato-ku, Tokyo with the aim of making the Japanese dining table a great place to be.


    People feel the seasonal food and nature through the trip. Especially, the hotel is important. GENSEN-IIYADO presents travel information contents based on the TV program that provides travel plans in Japan. Users can reserve special accommodation deals through the TV program and the website.



    OKAIMONO SNOOPY is the official PEANUTS e-commerce website. We sell many different kinds of new products and develop original as well as collaborative products combining PEANUTS with other brands.

IP Businesses


    SNOOPY PARK is free portal mobile site which is full of latest news, goods and many other attractive contents for PEANUTS fans. We provide PEANUTS animation and diverse digital contents such as wallpapers, custom decorations, mail decorations, and mobile games on our owned media, mobile carrier service, and SNS.

  • Miffy

    Miffy is the official mobile site for Miffy and friends. It distributes paid digital contents such as wallpapers, mail decorations, icons and calendars.

  • Kanahei’s Small Animals

    Kanahei is an illustrator and Manga artist. "Kanahei's Small animals" series was the runner up in “LINE Creators Stamp AWARD 2015” for the second consecutive year. We are the merchandising and advertising licensing representative of the “Kanahei’s Small animals” series include Kanahei’s masterpiece “Piske & Usagi”. We expand the licensing business globally.

Web Businesses

  • Web Business

    テレビ東京 BSジャパン

    We create the official websites for the broadcasting stations TV TOKYO and BS JAPAN.

  • Mobile Business

    We distribute contents for mobile phones and smartphones focusing mainly on TV program contents from TV TOKYO. We also create new earnings model frameworks for smartphones.

  • Anime Web Business (Animeteleto)

    We operate Animeteleto (ANI-TELE), the official TV TOKYO anime website. We also develop smartphone site & apps.

  • Cross-Media and Ad Sales Business

    We provide cross-media advertising which includes the sale of banner ads and video ads for various types of media. We also provide a wide variety of media ads to cater to advertiser's needs. Our advertising business can also provide ads coordinated to smartphone apps, data broadcasting and TV broadcasting.

Systems & Marketing

  • Data broadcasting

    We produce the content for data broadcasting to present fun experience to TV watchers. We also develop technology being aware of the next-generation TV service including Hybridcast(TM).

    *Hybridcast is a trademark of NHK Engineering System Inc.

  • TV Tokyo ID

    TV TOKYO ID is a system that supports web marketing for the TV TOKYO Group. We are the developers for this system. We also conduct marketing using TV TOKYO ID.

  • Web System Development

    We conduct research into how to respond to future devices. We also develop web systems in order to distribute content on such devices.


If you have any issues, requests or enquiries, please contact us at the following address. One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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